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A safe and effective tool
for pain management

Medical cannabis offers an effective and sustainable alternative for managing pain, improving sleep, stabilising mood, reducing anxiety, and cutting reliance on treatments with more severe and often detrimental side effects.

The active compounds in medical cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), stimulate the endocannabinoid system within the human body to produce therapeutic benefits which can help patients to manage symptoms for a wide range of health conditions.

Led by Specialist
Consultant Clinicians

CB1 Medical was established by a specialist team of Consultant Clinicians at the award-winning Willows Health, the largest NHS primary care service in the Midlands, which is currently serving over 65,000 patients.

Our Consultants, who have decades of experience in pain management, have seen the overwhelmingly positive impact that medical cannabis has had on the lives of their patients and are now looking to raise awareness and help others suffering with severe chronic pain.

The fastest medical cannabis
clinic in the UK

CB1 Medical is unique in being able to access your medical records instantly upon receiving your consent, so you don’t have to wait to begin treatment and start your journey towards a better quality of life.

In all other private cannabis clinics, patients must supply a Summary Care Record and a list of prescriptions before they can be offered treatment. These can only be obtained from a GP and some patients can wait up to 2 months to receive their records.

Our pricing guide

Our cannabis medicines are only available on prescription,
below are some example treatment costs.


One-off £50 fee*

New patients only pay one fee for the first year of consultations. All consultations are free for Veterans and ex-service personnel.


  • £2.56 / day
  • or
  • £77.78 / month


  • £2.09 / day
  • or
  • £63.44 / month

Oil & Flower

  • £4.21 / day
  • or
  • £128.10 / month

*This fee will be refunded if we decide that you are not eligible for treatment.

What our patients are saying

We are proud of our care and the impact it has on the lives of our patients. We give you time
to talk about your pain and you will always be listened to with compassion and empathy.

4.9 overall rating on Google


July 2023

I was curious about this approach for my condition, so this seemed to be well worth looking into, the staff were fantastic, very down to earth & helpful without any discomfort. I’m so glad I filled in the form, I am 50% better than I was before I started, The symptoms have reduced, my mood has improved and my sleep pattern has improved. I only see positive results so far.

Edit: in month 3 now, and quality of life has absolutely improved.


September 2023

I started using CB1 Medical a month ago, I was cautious at first as it wasn’t a route that I had considered in much depth. The service has been excellent from the first appointment to the receipt of my medication. There are no hidden costs, it is all clearly laid out in the beginning, I can recommend using their services.

Update, I’ve had my second appointment and it was just as good. Clear communication and fair pricing of appointments.


August 2023

Every interaction has been met with professionalism and kindness, and I felt understood and cared for. The responses and turn around for appointments were very quick too. I would definitely recommend this service.


August 2023

So far so good! Amazingly friendly staff and willing to spend the time listening to your issues in detail. Very quickly to arrange appointments and also discreet.

The fastest medical cannabis
clinic in the UK

We are currently the only clinic in the UK that can access
your medical records instantly with your consent, unlike other
clinics that must request this information from your GP.

Delivery right to your
door with our pharmacy

We recommend using our dedicated online dispensary,
CB1 Pharmacy, for a seamless service and the fastest
way to get your medication.