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We are proud of our care and the impact it has on the lives of our patients. We give you time
to talk about your pain and you will always be listened to with compassion and empathy.

4.9 overall rating on Google


July 2023

I was curious about this approach for my condition, so this seemed to be well worth looking into, the staff were fantastic, very down to earth & helpful without any discomfort. I’m so glad I filled in the form, I am 50% better than I was before I started, The symptoms have reduced, my mood has improved and my sleep pattern has improved. I only see positive results so far.

Edit: in month 3 now, and quality of life has absolutely improved.


November 2023

I was over the moon with the service I received from the outset. I asked Anabel 101 questions, she replied in a very polite and professional manner, bless her, for putting up with me. As promised I was contacted by a Dr., who pointed me in the right direction, regarding my medicine. Boy, has that medicine helped ease my pain, and helped me sleep at night. I sincerely wish this company goes from strength to strength, they deserve it.


September 2023

I started using CB1 Medical a month ago, I was cautious at first as it wasn’t a route that I had considered in much depth. The service has been excellent from the first appointment to the receipt of my medication. There are no hidden costs, it is all clearly laid out in the beginning, I can recommend using their services.

Update, I’ve had my second appointment and it was just as good. Clear communication and fair pricing of appointments.


January 2024

Bit nervous at first, as when I had a chat with one of the consultants. She was very helpful and understanding and explained everything. I then booked my consultation and met the doctor; he was very friendly and understood everything I needed and what I was looking for. I had my first prescription, my second consultation, and it all went very well.👌 I will now stick with CB1 as I feel I found the right place. Thanks to everyone there. Fully recommended.


August 2023

Every interaction has been met with professionalism and kindness, and I felt understood and cared for. The responses and turn around for appointments were very quick too. I would definitely recommend this service.


January 2024

I would like to say thank you to everyone at CB1, particularly Anabel and Dr. Hodgkinson. My experience has been brilliant every step of the way. Highly recommended.


August 2023

So far so good! Amazingly friendly staff and willing to spend the time listening to your issues in detail. Very quickly to arrange appointments and also discreet.


October 2023

Can’t thank CB1 more. After being referred it’s completely changed my life and got me back to being able to LIVE!! Thank you so so much!


August 2023

Very friendly, very helpful staff with wonderful service, they will always go above and beyond with everything. They’ve changed my life for the better. I cannot recommend CB1 Medical enough. 🙂 5/5 A+++


November 2023

The team at CB1 are fantastic. From initial contact through to follow up the communication and process has been seamless. Big thanks to Anabel who couldn’t have been anymore helpful.


November 2023

Very polite professional and quick to help… highly recommended they listened to me and have helped me with a course of treatment.


November 2023

My first time with you your service is prompt and Anabel was really helpful and of course Vanessa who I have known for years has gone out of her way as usual to help me find some pain relief for the crippling pain I am in so fingers crossed for this time 🤞 thank you.


August 2023

Very happy with the service. Everyone so far has been very helpful and the difference on my life is incredible I enjoy going to the gym without fear of injury and my OCD is under control.


October 2023

Compassionate and knowledgeable clinician. The whole team is efficient and caring. Highly recommended.


August 2023

So far I have received excellent service from the medical team and administrative team with good information and quick response times.


August 2023

Discovering CB1 Medical has been a game-changer for me. Wonderful and speedy service, and very helpful staff. Highly recommended!


February 2024

I have been suffering from pain everyday for the past 10 years due to an accident and have now had well over twenty surgeries and still no fix in sight. After several talks with my medical team they suggested medical cannabis for treatment, so I started to do research. A few weeks of contacting various companies and feeling just like a number and reading terrible reviews I came across CB1 Medical, after reading the feedback they have received from patients I decided to give them an email.

From the first point of contact (the amazing Anabel!) to now (roughly one month since then), I have nothing but praise not only for the professional service they give, but the professional service they give with empathy. I felt I could talk freely on the phone and be heard (not just someone sitting there ticking or crossing boxes as I spoke).

It was just over a week after my consultation with Dr. Hodgkinson that I received my first prescription, very high quality product with very clear instructions and also discreet packaging. I can honestly say in the last two weeks I have noticed an improvement in not only my pain and physical health, but also my mental health.

If you are looking at alternative medicine, then I highly recommend you contact CB1. Thank you so much to the team there.

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